William E. Dixson

Absolutely awesome website, run by genuinely nice guys. This is for real, no scams, only real winners, like me. From start to finish, the whole process including entry, emails with your draw number/s, etc was so amazing. The draw event was totally fair using google random number generator. Picking up the car was amazing and the after service truly generous, even down to the full tank of fuel. Thanks very much, I hope to see you again 🤗


Hi, I recently purchased two tickets and my experience everything was easy to do and I follow up all the time with them on social media and email. My experience was too good. They are very friendly with their customers and very very professional with everything they do. I will obviously recommend them. Thanks!

John P. Keith

I made my first purchase today and found it to be really easy and also very well priced. A friend of mine recently won an A45, which really opened my eyes to this amazing competition. This will not be my only purchase and I highly recommend this to everyone.Thanks for making such a nice opportunity.